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on the phone that afternoon and said something terrible happened. marcus is dead. >> reporter: bob johnson describes how he learned that his 14-year-old grand son was dead. the sprint car driven by his 17-year-old cousin, chase johnson, spun out of control. >> marcus got killed by chase. it is unbelievable. >> reporter: what is especially tough, that marcus got killed by a sport that has defined his family for four generations. his great grandfather started racing in the 50s and every grand son inherited the same passion. young marcus spent nearly all of his free time around cars. he looked up to his older cousin, chase, who was making his mark in the racing world with 140 wins under his
ahead at 11:00 -- >> goodbye for now. goodbye for now, marcus. >> the emotional tribute to the 14-year-old boy killed on a racetrack near sacramento last weekend. >>> plus, a first for san francisco police. they say they have never caught this many people vandalizing property like this before. >>> and we'll hear from the winners of today's oakland marathon. why the men's division champ waved off congratulations. >>> and we had nice weather for that to wrap up the weekend. and as you head back to work or school tomorrow morning, you'll find low clouds, a little bit of mist out there as the marine layer sweeps back. in we do, though have, bigger changes in the seven-day forecast, which will toss some spring showers our way. we'll show you when we come right back. >>> more incidents and more airlines getting fined. >> there is no resolution. >> the loophole that allows airlines to underreport missing pets. the investigative unit monday at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. >>> a new tribute unveiled today for the victims of the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. the dedication took place at th
-year-old marcus johnson held a private funeral yesterday and today was a chance for the community to participate as well. johnson was killed when his 17-year-old cousin spun out of control during a pre-race warm-up last weekend. a 68-year-old man was also killed. he owned another race car at that track. today johnson's family, friends, teachers, and coaches shared their memories as they grieved a young life lost too soon. >> i know several of the players, one of them i liked immediately was marcus. he stood out because of his friendly demeanor and hard work ethic. >> johnson was an eighth grader at rincon valley middle school in santa rosa. his family says his dream of all dreams was to drive a ferrari formula one race car on tracks around the world. >>> this evening, the chp is trying to figure out what a man was doing on an open freeway when he was hit by a car and killed. the chp says it happened about 12:30 this afternoon on eastbound 580 near dutton avenue. the three right lanes were blocked for a few hours while investigators were on the scene. investigators say the man may
have been for something different. >> it was so surreal. we couldn't help but marcus would have thought of all this, especially being on sportscenter. i know he would have much rather been on sportscenter for a fadeaway game winning buzzer than all of this. >> marcus was hit by his cousin who spun out of control in a race car during a warm-up lap. a 68-year-old man was also killed in that accident. >>> a new tribute for the victims of the deadly pipeline explosion is now on display. the dedication took place yesterday morning at the bethany presbyterian church after palm sunday services. three of the eight people killed in that blast were members of this church's congregation. they painted the mural, a phoenix rising from the ashes, healing waters and a rainbow of hope. survivors have continued to press for pipeline safety reforms. >>> the coast guard called officers for a missing 22-year-old man from half moon bay who vanished swimming in the office. he went to the beach yesterday afternoon to play soccer and swim with friends. a friend says lopez went into the water and disappeared. t
will think that all the time. >> reporter: marcus's classmates and family are having a tough time with it. >> he had his whole life ahead of him and one little mistake and he's gone. it's very, very sad and tragic. it hurts my heart because i can think what if that was one of my kids. i can't imagine. >> reporter: bob johnson says his grand son, chase, is really hurting, but he says marcus wouldn't want him to give up on the family sport. >> i know that marcus would say to chase you drive the car. i don't want you to stop racing because of me. you drive that car. >> reporter: chase's grandfather says whatever he decides to do, whether he continues racing or gives it up his family will be behind him. tonight the sheriff's investigators are reportedly looking at a mechanical failure as a potential car. the steering wheel came off sending his grand son's car out of control. reporting live in petaluma, i'm jodi hernandez. >>> school closures, teacher layoffs and larger classes all up for discussion in the south bay right now. there is an $8 million hole to fill. the superintendent says there
. >> reporter: the sheriff's department say 68-year-old dale wonderjam and marcus johnson were standing near each other in the pit area. april goreham is from a racing family and prior to races, she has been asked to sign a waiver in the pit area. >> to be in the pit area itself, you have to sign a waiver, whatever happens here, the track is not liable for. >> more on that story on nbc bay area news at 11:00. >>> oakland police are trying to sort out the details of a nine-hour standoff in the fruit vail district. 1:30 this morning, two shooting victims came into a hospital, one later died. the house on 25th avenue and international boulevard sparked a standoff that didn't end until 11:30 this morning. the afternoon was spent questioning several people in the house. >> there were a number of people in the home, when we got here, we evacuated. they are out, trying to find -- find out who was involved and what their actual role was. in this particular incident. >> one person was arrested and just a short time ago, the mercury news reported that he is, in fact, a suspect in those shootings. the
, here's a head-scratcher. neiman marcus and two other retailers have agreed to settle complaints they marketed real fur clothing as fake. >>> yahoo! is in talks to buy a controlling stake in daily motion in what could be a $300 million deal. >>> speaking of video, a new study by motorola mobility claims that 41% of the content recorded on u.s. dvrs is never watched and deleted. >>> get this, a pretty plain looking bowl bought for $3 at a garage sale in new york turned out to be a 1,000-year-old antique from the dynasty. a london art dealer snapped it up for $2.2 million. probably eating cereal out of that thing, too. >>> straight ahead we'll tell the hottest trending stories of the morning. plus, sport casting legend dick vitale goes head to head with a dolphin. >>> and why was a live deer in the back of this car? >>> now to some other stories that caught our eye. in pennsylvania, investigators are trying to figure out the cause of a deadly house explosion that killed one and injured two others. two of the three children that live at that house were at school. the other was treat
, marcus duran, hitting the three at the buzzer. the tigers were sill down three. it was the final game for bob tomlinson. 25 years as a coach at his alma mater. >>> they're going to have to run through a very strong syracuse team coming off a win in montana. of course, we all know where berkley is, but cal wants to make sure the rest of the country does, as well. >> tomorrow will be a fwraet opportunity for us to make a name for ourselves and, you know, put ourselves on that, you know, national scale with, you know, teams like kansas and north carolina and duke. and it's just, like, another basketball team. if we go and play with the same energy we played with last night, if we get the game plan in, i think that would bring a lot of people's attention to putting california on the map as a national team. >> high school championship division 5 here arrives from san diego. st. joe's at the line-up. carington taking the free-throw all the way. horizon dumps you. ethan underwood, though, needing a miracle to win it. are you kidding me? he does it. the dramatic victory by a poin. you're not
-old marcus johnson of petaluma before the race began. the two were killed when a car driven by johnson's cousin crashed into the pit area. the race has been controversial but officials say it was impossible to reschedule the race. >>> san jose police released a picture today and they want to you take a good look at it. this is man stabbed and killed a san jose mother yesterday. it happened in broad daylight in a parking lot across the street from the sheriff's department. 25-year-old juan ramirez had allegedly been stalking the person for two years. the 29-year-old leaves behind a 10-year-old son. >> she was doing all the right things. she was contacting the police department. she was reporting these crimes. she was puck out restraining orders trying to protect herself from this individual. it is very unfortune that this happened. it appeared that she was doing everything she could do to avoid it. >> investigators say ramirez may be headed to mexico, possibly driving a dark green 1996 toyota pickup truck similar to the one you see in that picture. >>> santa clara county had a buy back
weekend. the family of 14-year-old marcus johnson held a private funeral yesterday and today was a chance for the community to join the family. johnson was killed when his 17-year-old cousin spun out of control during a prerace warmup last weekend. he was in eighth grade and his mom says he would have been touched to see everyone paying tribute to him today. >> he would be overwhelmed, i think he'd say, "wow, cool." but i wish they all were in an arena somewhere watching me play basketball. >> a 58-year-old man was also killed in an accident. he owned another race car on that track. >>> and this evening, the chp is trying to figure out why a man was walking on a freeway in oakland overnight. he was hit and killed. it happened on eastbound 580. the three right lanes were blocked for several hours while investigators within 0 the scene. police say the man may have been trying to run across the lanes or may have fallen from a nearby overpass. >>> san francisco police arrested 11 people today for vandalism. a tip from a neighbor led police to the arrests at 3:00 this morning near seventh stre
at a raceway. the family of marcus johnson owns this muffler shop in santa rosa. friends bringing flowers and candles and balloons to the front door leaving messages of support for the family. he was killed saturday night when a car on the the raceway lost control and slammed into the pit crew. the car was driven by his 17-year-old cousin, chase johnson. >> this is a total tragedy. it really is. it hits the hard really bad. >> sad this happens. it's a risk we take when we go racing. >> a 68-year-old man was also killed in this crash. the driver, chase johnson, he's from the petaluma area, he was not hurt. >>> in another sad event, a motorcycle rider was killed last night in a multi-car crash on interstate 680 near walnut creek. this all happened about 6:00 p.m. a total of four vehicles involved in the crash including that motorcycle. you can see there a nissan 350 z burst into flames after the collision. details of what happened do remain unclear at this hour but a witness says the motorcycle and another car were driving recklessly before the crash. investigators from chp urging anybody w
a raceway crash that killed the 14-year-old boy from santa rosa this weekend. marcus johnson died when his 17-year-old cousin chase lost control of a sprint car and crashed right into the pit area at the raceway. the johnson family now said chase tells him the steering wheel in his car came loose as he entered a turn. that ultimately caused the crash. the family said that car was new. at this point it's not clear why the wheel would come loose. the crash happened while chase johnson was driving warm-up laps for an upcoming competition. >>> we are on stormwatch. meteorologist christina loren is standing by with a look at potential rain onot potential, there is rain coming to the bay area. >> right, there is. i've been wrong before, but not many times. it is happening, got to be honest. temperatures are looking pretty good. nice and mild. all the cloud cover overhead subtropical moisture. feels muggy, tropical. last day of winter. it's going to feel winter-like tomorrow for the first day of spring. temperatures getting close to the 70 degree mark just about everywhere. here our counterclockw
-year-old boy tragically killed at a crash in on raceway. the family of marcus johnson owns this muffler shop. friends dropping flowers and balloon and leaving messages of support for the family. johnson was killed saturday night when a car lost control and slammed right into the pit crew. that car happened to be driven by johnson's 17-year-old cousin, chase johnson. >> this is a total tragedy. it really is. it hits the heart. >> it is sad that this happens. it is a risk that we take when we go racing. >> heartbreaking there. a 68-year-old man was also killed during that crash. the driver, chase johnson, was not hurt. >>> right now, let's check things out outside. christina loren tells us we have a nice dry day before the rain sets in. >>> the clouds will increase as we head throughout the day. pretty cool shot. you can see the sun beating down on the city. no low clouds to report. temperatures are going to climb from the 40s into the upper 50s at the coast and mid-60s as you break for lunch. upper 60s today and low 70s. comfortable weather for one more day. rain comes. 70, livermore. we
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